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World's Finest Veneers
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Presented to the piano world in 2000 Steinway & Son’s exclusive Crown Jewel collection launched a new range of upright and grand pianos. Their breathtaking colour is born from being made from the most exquisite natural woods the world has to offer. These are more than musical instruments, they are works of art. CROWN JEWEL pianos are encased in your choice of magnificent woods, prized for their exquisite colour and grain, and gathered from around the world. Individually distinguished with a special LIMITED EDITION medallion indicating its uniqueness, a CROWN JEWEL is a STEINWAY that truly makes itself heard even before you touch the keys.
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Choose your Design

This high-quality mahogany, native to West and Central Africa, radiates a powerful luminosity and intense warmth through its unusual, rounded, reflective patterns.

This expressive wood from South America offers a fascinating range of shades. Dark stripes accent the base tone with its subtle reddish gleam, making the instrument an extraordinary feast for the eyes.

This very rare precious wood from Sulawesi has a fascinating texture with a deep black colour and a reddish-brown that pulses with breathtaking power.

This precious wood, native to the south-eastern United States, is like a jewel of nature – an extraordinary gift to humankind. Its rare colouring highlights a strong grain, ranging in texture from striped to slightly speckled.

Originating from South Asia, the East Indies, and Sri Lanka, this precious tobacco-coloured wood with thick veins stands out for its individual grain and a warm, deep lustre.

This prized wood from West and Central Africa possesses a structure with real character. Its extraordinary, contrast-rich grain and its gentle luminosity enrich the piano with lightness and charm.