Institutional Sales

The benefits of offering music students a first-class and well-maintained inventory of pianos are rarely in dispute. Increasingly, leaders in music education are insisting on Steinway pianos to deliver the unparalleled educational experience their students expect. The rich, unrivalled sound, the incomparable tone and touch of a Steinway piano inspires students to realise their artistic talents, and best prepare them for a life with music at every level. In addition to serving the music education community, our Institutional Sales Department also serves the needs of performing arts centres and music societies, houses of worship, jazz clubs, recording studios and the hospitality industry

‘Buying a piano does not have to mean waiting for a pianist to play it at home. It’s a major leap, a milestone — with superb craftsmanship.’



Hampton School Steinways - Internal wide of all the pianos in the 450 Hall-min

Benefits of becoming a Steinway School

Steinway & Sons’ educational clients receive elevated levels of engagement from us as their supplier. We offer outreach activities for students at every stage of their music education, including ‘Steinway Artist’ masterclasses and performance opportunities at our central London recital room. Partnerships with Steinway & Sons are leading to increased student applications and a higher reach for recruitment at both national and global levels.

Partnerships of this type are helping to validate investments to secure funding for our clients’ music facilities across the world. With the addition of lease options, crowd-funding apps and the ‘All-Steinway School’ program, Steinway & Sons instruments are now more accessible than ever before.


Free masterclasses hosted by Steinway Artists are available to students through their school. Steinway masterclasses offer students an individual masterclass with internationally renowned ‘Steinway Artists’ in a private rehearsal space at our London showrooms.

Directors of Music and Heads of Keyboard Studies are invited to register now for this free, unmissable opportunity for their student pianists.

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Photo of MODEL D - RIM - Steinway & Sons

All STEINWAYS pianos are subject to STEINWAY’S unyielding standards to be an exemplary instrument; each one built to perfection for perfectionists, and by artisans for artists. To this, STEINWAY has added a new layer of technological artistry resulting in the most innovative and dynamic instrument we’ve ever offered.

Spirio R piano

For over 160 years, STEINWAY has been making instruments so meticulously crafted, it can take dozens of artisans up to twelve months to create each one. The goal of every STEINWAY is to enhance the artist’s expression and the listener’s joy.