Piano Removals


Your Steinway piano is a large, heavy and fragile item to move. Because of its high value and intricacy of its moving parts, we recommend that you only use specialist piano movers to transport the instrument. We offer a fully insured piano removal service throughout the UK and Europe. We can also arrange the import and export of pianos worldwide.

For further information, please contact our removals department.


Any experienced piano owner knows that you are never to try to move your piano yourself. Grand pianos can weigh around 100 pounds for each foot of length. Attempting to move your prized Steinway piano can result in injury to you or irreparable damage to your Steinway.

A professional piano mover will not only have the necessary experience to ensure your piano is safely moved to its new location but will have the equipment needed to keep it secure while travelling. Pianos are large, heavy and uniquely shaped compared to other furniture. A specialist will be experienced in moving pianos, including moving a grand piano, upstairs, navigating tight corners and working with general logistical difficulties.


After your piano is safely installed in its new home, we recommend having an experienced professional check and tune it to ensure it has retained its incomparable sound, tone and responsiveness.


How should you transport a piano?

Pianos should only be moved and transported to new locations by professional piano movers. For a stress-free move, contact Steinway’s removals department. Our specialist removals service will take care of piano delivery, including providing movers, packing, loading, transporting, and unloading at the end location.

How much does it cost to move a piano?

The cost to move your piano will depend on the type of instrument you require to be moved and the distance the piano will need to travel. For example, a concert grand will be heavier and more challenging to move than a standard upright. For a custom quote, contact our removals department.

Can you hire someone to move a piano?

There are many professional piano movers available for hire in the UK. Steinway’s fully-insured piano removal and transportation services are available throughout the UK and Europe. For more information on our professional piano moving service, contact our piano removal specialists on 0207 5355 106.

Can I move my piano without professional help?

No. If you are looking to move your piano, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to safely transport your instrument. Whether you are moving a piano within your home or business or to another property or country, a professional will have the specialist experience and tools to do so safely.