Introducing Spiriocast

live broadcast from one SPIRIO | r to another

The STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano capable of live performance capture and playback, now offers SPIRIOCAST: high resolution, live broadcast from one SPIRIO | r to another.

“SPIRIOCAST is brilliant because besides being an acoustically perfect instrument, it also brings concert-level performances right into your home.”

The STEINWAY-patented proprietary sensor system in SPIRIO | r captures the movements of the piano’s hammers and pedaling, and SPIRIOCAST transfers the high resolution data to recreate an identical, perfectly in-sync, unfiltered audio, video, and acoustical experience on any number of connected SPIRIOS receiving the ’cast.

As a SPIRIOCAST host, you may easily invite listeners to a broadcast from the SPIRIO app on your iPad. Once you go live, video and audio from your iPad will be transmitted to the listener’s iPad — or any connected device, such as an external monitor. When you play, the listening SPIRIOS perform along in real time.