Buy a professional piano from our exquisite range of wonderful instruments. We sell Steinway, Boston and Essex pianos as well as our incomparable Spirio and Spirio-r models. As the only official retailer for Steinway in the UK our unique team of Steinway experts welcome the chance to share their knowledge with you and find the piano that suits you best.

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Your STEINWAY piano is the perfect representation of your unique musical experience. Our team of highly skilled craftspeople pride themselves on building the best pianos in the world. Your exclusive STEINWAY piano will be handcrafted by experts renowned for their high level of skill and attention to detail. Bring your creative expression to life with your Special Collection piano.

Whether you choose a custom piano designed to suit your specific needs or a classic Steinway grand, you will be choosing quality. We believe the best way to experience a Steinway is to hear it for yourself. If you want to buy a piano in London – get in touch to arrange a viewing appointment at Steinway Hall, our showroom.
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How large are Steinway & Sons pianos?

The dimensions of your Steinway piano are dependent on the model you have chosen. The magnificent curve of the grand piano is the epitome of elegance, while the upright sizes are better suited for tight spaces and homes. Our smallest grand is the Steinway Baby Grand Piano, and the largest is the Concert Grand Piano. Uprights under the Boston, Essex and Steinway brands range from 3’ 6” to 4’ 3”.

What are Steinway & Sons pianos made of?

We believe the best materials create superior sound. We construct our acoustic pianos using a range of high-quality materials, including hardwoods and cast iron. Full specifications for each model can be found on the individual product page.

How long does it take to make a Steinway & Sons piano?

Each Steinway piano takes close to a year to manufacture. There are many steps to crafting one of Steinway’s exquisite masterpieces, including curing the soundboards and actions for months.

How much does a Steinway & Sons piano cost?

Visit the Shop to order a Boston or Essex model. Steinway does not publish the price list for specialist and professional models online. Prices vary by many factors, including model, finish and shipping.

Please contact us on +44 (0)20 7487 3391 or visit our London showroom if you would like to receive a price quote for the instrument you are interested in.

Where can I buy a Steinway & Sons piano?

Select Steinway pianos can be purchased directly from Steinway London or one of our trusted UK dealers.

When working with a carefully selected dealer verified by Steinway & Sons, you can be assured that you are buying a piano of the highest quality.

For more information, contact our sales team on +44 (0)20 7487 3391 to request an appointment at our London showroom or visit our website and download our Buyer’s Guide.