Steinway J

Since 1853, Steinway & Sons have been making fine pianos to uncompromising standards each one requiring up to a full year to complete. The London branch of Steinway & Sons opened in 1875 and since then, Steinway pianos have been tuned and restored from our London premises. Technicians from Steinway agents worldwide, as well as UK apprentices, have learnt and passed down the unique skills developed here in London for over 150 years. A reputation for the highest quality repairs and servicing on Steinway pianos has spread internationally.

At the Steinway Hall Restoration Centre, there is a strong sense of continuing the traditional Steinway aims and values. In 1853, Henry Steinway set the standard: “To Build The Best Piano Possible”. In turn, we are committed to the highest standard of piano maintenance and restoration. We restore and service pianos from concert venues, recording studios, conservatoires, schools and private clients including many distinguished concert pianists.

Steinway pianos are built to last. There are many instruments well over a hundred years old that are still playable and continue to give pleasure to their owners. However, the piano is a percussive instrument and has many mechanical parts which do wear out over time. Much of the instrument is made of wood and felt which can deteriorate if not kept in an ideal climate.

"Owning a Steinway piano is a rare opportunity to invest in beauty, craftsmanship, endurance, performance and joy."

There comes a time in the life of any piano when the ability to improve the tone and touch using the existing materials is limited by their age and condition and at this point, it becomes necessary to replace some components. Replacement of minor parts such as felts and top treble strings can sometimes be undertaken on-site, but for replacement of major components such as the action, strings, soundboard and pinblock, the piano will need to be taken into our workshop. We can also undertake repairs and full re-polishing of the case.

Steinway Hall in London is the only authorized Steinway piano restorer in the United Kingdom. We accept pianos from institutions, piano technicians, and retailers, as well as private owners. The Hamburg factory also offers restoration, as well as Steinway Hall in Berlin.

What other investment can promise to be so financially and emotionally rewarding at the same time? Only genuine Steinway parts are used, to guarantee that your piano remains 100% a Steinway. All work is backed by a Steinway warranty. And importantly, for future investment appraisal or sale, you’ll receive a dated certification record on all services performed.

Whether your cherished Steinway is in need of custom refinishing or replacement of the action or soundboard, it couldn’t be in better hands.

Some pianos, especially older instruments, may require a new soundboard or pinblock to be installed. As these are major constructional components, it is essential that they are made to the correct specification and fitted correctly. This not only affects the way the piano sounds and responds but may also have a significant effect on the resale value of the instrument. Steinway & Sons does not supply soundboards or pinblocks to any other restorers, therefore in order for the piano to retain its authenticity as a Steinway piano, any such major work must be undertaken by Steinway & Sons.