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Steinway & Sons X Katharine Pooley Designs

A closer look in to the unique, collaborative relationship between Steinway & Sons and renowned interior designer Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley is one of the most sought-after interior designers working internationally today. Named ‘British Interior Designer of the Decade’, ‘International Designer of the Year in Asia’, and ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, her design vision is unmatched and her influence uniquely far reaching.

Katharine’s eponymous Design Studio was established over 15 years ago and continues to create groundbreaking luxury Interior Designs for a global client base. Her Knightsbridge boutique is renowned for its collection of unusual, rare and luxurious accessories sourced by Katharine for her highly discerning clients.

Overseeing her team of 47 interior designers and architects, Katharine’s personal approach ensures every detail of every project and product is exquisitely realised and impeccably finished.

When Katharine Pooley brings her magic touch into people’s homes, there is only one brand of piano she recommends to clients for the ultimate luxury, legacy, and importance. And that is of course a Steinway.

Watch the full video on our Youtube and see how Katharine started her interior design empire, what inspires her, and what experiences have enriched her to be able to create and transform these magnificent spaces from living spaces, adding the final Steinway touch that ties it all together to make it a home here.

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Welcome Rossall School

The newest All-Steinway School

We warmly welcome Rossall School to the ranks of being an All-Steinway School. Imagine getting to be one of the scholars chosen to pick out the fleet of pianos that will be delivered to the school in a few week’s time, and be played by learners throughout the school in years to come!

Since the launch of the All-Steinway School program, music departments and development managers have reported noteworthy increases in applications to schools and have therefore recognized the value that a partnership with Steinway & Sons can bring.

Watch the full video here.