Our piano tuning services department offers tuning appointments at competitive rates in most UK locations. Our piano servicing is not limited to Steinway pianos alone – we will undertake piano tuning and other forms of servicing on any make of piano.

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All of our technicians are Steinway-trained and tune regularly for rehearsals, concerts, recording sessions, festivals, churches, music colleges and in private homes throughout the country. We are confident that we can provide the best quality technicians to attend to both piano tuning and to the minor technical piano servicing work that your piano may require from time to time.

All of these services are available for both grand and upright pianos.

Pitch Raises

Steinway pianos are designed to be tuned to A-440. Sometimes, changes in the weather or infrequent tuning mean that the pitch of the instrument needs raising. This takes longer than usual as the tuner may have to go through the tuning twice. The increase in tension on the strings and soundboard also means that the tuning may initially be less stable than normal. We recommend a follow up tuning soon after the pitch of a piano has been raised.

Minor Technical Repairs

Our tuners are qualified to undertake minor technical repairs or maintenance such as broken strings, removal of foreign objects (such as pencils) from the action, minor voicing or regulation work and internal cleaning. For major repairs and maintenance, you should contact the Technical Services Department.




From time to time, dust may build up inside your piano. You may also occasionally experience problems with pests such as moth or silverfish. Our technicians can advise you about this. We are happy to carry out the cleaning of the inside of your piano for you by prior arrangement. The process takes approximately thirty minutes to an hour.


Our charges vary depending on the travel distance from our two tuning centres of London and Liverpool. We also operate a contract system, whereby signing a contract for 2 or more tunings per year will gain you a discount on each tuning. We offer a discount for tuning multiple pianos at one address. Please contact the tuning department for further information about our prices and contract system.



String Breakages

If your piano has broken strings, please mention this when you book your piano tuning. The thin wire strings in the treble are easily replaceable and our tuners carry replacement wire with them. The copper-wound strings in the bass have to be specially made to order and will therefore take longer to replace.

Regulation and Voicing

Our tuners may be able to undertake minor regulation or voicing of a few notes but if this is necessary, it may be an indication that the piano requires servicing.

Examinations for Valuation or for Repair

If you wish to have your piano assessed for repairs or valuation, please contact the Technical Services Department.