A Steinway piano is a complex instrument made up of thousands of moving parts. When new, the piano will be set up and checked to the highest standard before delivery, but with regular use, some ongoing maintenance in addition to tuning will be required to ensure that your Steinway piano continues to give you enjoyment.

Piano Servicing

What is meant by servicing?

Servicing is the process by which the tone and touch of the piano are maintained at the optimum level. It involves regulation, which involves adjusting the piano action to give an even and responsive touch, and voicing, which ensures that the hammers are adjusted to give a clear even sound with good dynamic range.

How often should a piano be serviced?

A new piano should be serviced after the first year, as the new parts will bed in over this time and the action will go out of adjustment. After that, we recommend that pianos for average domestic use should be serviced every three to five years. Professional pianists and performance venues have their pianos serviced at least annually.

What is involved?

Typically, a service can be carried out in your home and lasts for the whole day. Our technician will disassemble the action and keyboard and thoroughly clean the interior of the piano. Dust and dirt accumulate over time and will increase the friction of the moving parts as well as causing wear. This will make the action feel heavy and unresponsive. The moving parts are lubricated to make them friction-free and the action is reassembled. The action is then regulated so that the fine adjustment of the moving parts is back to factory standards. The hammers may be re-shaped if the strings have cut deep grooves in the felt and then they are aligned to the strings to ensure a perfect fit. The piano is voiced so that each hammer gives an even volume and tone quality over the whole range of the instrument.

Typical Examples of Servicing Schedules


This piano would be fairly new, recently reconditioned, or very well-maintained and in good condition. The work will include cleaning the interior, servicing the pedal mechanism, reshaping the hammers if needed and adjusting the regulation and toning.


Your piano has now had a good use for three to five years. In addition to the one-day service, we will attend to, as required: repinning the action centres, rebushing the keys and regulating the dampers.


This piano has received hard wear or little maintenance for a number of years. In addition to the work above, we will attend to as required: restringing the top two sections of strings and replacing the worn action leathers and felts.


Your piano has received no maintenance, apart from tuning, for a great number of years, so vital materials are wearing out and now need restoration. The soundboard and strings are in a serviceable condition. In addition to the work outlined above, we will concentrate on fitting new hammers and shanks and attending to, as required: replacing the key damper lift felts and the key check leathers, voicing of the hammers and reweighting the keys to your preference.

Steinway pianos are made to last for generations. When properly maintained, their history of financial appreciation is legendary.

Steinway pianos have outperformed notable investments such as vintage automobiles, wines and classic yachts. Not to mention other pianos. While other piano brands depreciate in value over time, Steinway pianos actually appreciate in value.

All work is performed by Steinway craftspeople, who are thoroughly educated in the intricate processes and procedures of rebuilding Steinway pianos. No one else has all the original designs, specifications and necessary equipment, or is as capable of restoring your Steinway to its finest state.

The financial wisdom of investing in the expertise of the Steinway Restoration Centre is clear. Moreover, the muscial rewards are even greater. A properly restored Steinway fills your home and your heart with sound and enjoyment, which no one can put a price on.

Piano Servicing


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  • Case Refinishing
  • Part Rebuilds & Repairs