Limited Edition

Presenting the Limited Edition Collection

Throughout the 167-year history of Steinway & Sons, there has been a tradition of honouring special occasions by inviting leading designers to create exceptional instruments. Over the years, these limited editions have delighted privileged owners. These precious instruments are unique masterpieces featuring the individual style of each designer.

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Design & Specification

The BLACK DIAMOND’s pristine silhouette and sonorous tonality is the perfect match for an incomparable pianist who musically expresses the inexpressible. Dakota Jackson, the award-winning designer of this Steinway Limited Edition, takes inspiration from the theory that black diamonds are extraterrestrial in origin — the result of an exploding supernova. Jackson views the BLACK DIAMOND’s brilliance and rarity as simpatico with the genius and spirit of virtuoso STEINWAY ARTIST Lang Lang. It is an exquisite work of art. Every diamond is categorized according to four distinct properties: colour, carat, cut and clarity. Black diamonds, with their extraordinary origins, are the rarest — and most prized.

Like the songs of John Lennon, the IMAGINE SERIES is the perfect harmonisation of music with creativity to achieve an end result that is much greater. The Limited Edition series is modelled after the white Steinway grand piano that John presented to Yoko Ono on her birthday in 1971. Each piano incorporates John’s signature, music, and a medallion to indicate its uniqueness. The music desk of each piano incorporates one of seven different John Lennon original drawings. Come Together, the title of the opening track on the Beatles’ historic album, Abbey Road, reflects John Lennon’s desire to bring people together. ‘Grand Piano’ is a drawing that captures the songwriting process — as musician and piano become one. ‘Freda People’ exemplifies John Lennon’s passion for using music for the benefit of mankind. ‘Self Portrait’ is perhaps John Lennon’s most famous drawing — despite the simplicity, it’s unmistakably John. ‘Borrowed Time’ includes a sketch of an upright piano, similar to the legendary Steinway on which Lennon composed Imagine. ‘Frog Pondering’ perfectly demonstrates a blend of the creative and playful sides of Lennon. In ‘Power to the People’, we see a combination of Lennon’s love for freedom, as well as of New York, with his rendition of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. The soundboard of every Imagine piano is graced by a full-colour decal, also based on a drawing from John Lennon. A portion of the proceeds from every Imagine piano sold by Steinway & Sons will be donated to The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.


When you picture the great rock guitarists — Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Ronnie Wood — you picture them with a sunburst guitar. Finished with that vibrant colour burst from bright yellow to dark red and black, a sunburst of pure energy and powerful stage presence.

The Steinway & Sons Sunburst Collection is a tribute to the great rock musicians that shaped an era and continue to inspire future generations. The classic sunburst finish graces the inside of the fallboard, while the Steinway & Sons classic black lid reveals its inner rock star when opened to amplify the music. Two classics are merged in a symbiosis and as the sun rises: Sunburst. The sun is exploding.

Steinway & Sons Sunburst is limited to 69 pianos worldwide, celebrating the year 1969: the year in which Woodstock took place, when the Beatles released their legendary album Abbey Road, and when Led Zeppelin debuted. Sunburst is available as a Steinway Model B and as a Steinway & Sons Spirio, the world’s finest high-resolution player piano featuring the company’s proprietary software.


Since the company was founded in 1853, we have been manufacturing the best grand and upright pianos in the world with the highest level of precision and love of detail. To build the best piano possible – this philosophy of founder Henry E. Steinway has always been the objective and guiding principle of our passionate specialists in our factories in Hamburg and New York.

We are celebrating this passion and enthusiasm for music with our special edition ONE SIX FIVE. The exclusive grand piano models ONE and TWO will be launched in limited numbers. They pay homage to the long history of Steinway and are characterized by a classic style, in each case rounded off with individual details and elements in fine mahogany.