Essex Model EUP111E

Upright Pianos
  • Image of Upright Piano - Model V-125 by Steinway & Sons

This classic studio piano is only available in Ebonised Polish, sleek, stylish and the most affordable way to being your journey with Steinway. With its classic design, it is sure to complement any interior space, making it the perfect choice for any home.



Photo of MODEL D - Specifications - Steinway & Sons

Height: 111 cm (43¾”)
Width: 148 cm (58″)
Depth: 58 cm (22¾”)
Net Weight: 220 kg (484 lb)

Staggered spruce backposts (5). Total CSA: 223 cm2 (34.5 in2). Thickness of post: 4.5 cm. Width of post: 10 cm.

Photo of MODEL D - Bridges & Pin block - Steinway & Sons

Laminated bi-directional Maple. Thickness: 30 mm.

Photo of MODEL D - Soundboard - Steinway & Sons

Solid Spruce. Linear taper. Vibrating area: 1.16 m2 (1,794 in2)

Ribs notched into inner rim (no floating ribs). Ribs made of spruce and staggered/graduated. Number of ribs: 10

Photo of MODEL D - Bridges & Pin block - Steinway & Sons

Vertically laminated maple base with solid maple cap.

Designed by Steinway. 17,505 kg (38,512 lb) tension.

Cast iron, painted with Steinway Gold.

Carbon steel, nickel coating.

Roslau wire. Number of sizes of treble strings: 12. Lowest tenor note: 32. Number 1 speaking length: 112.0 cm (44.1″)

Specified by Steinway. Weight of topfelt: 6 kg (13 lb).

All wood (no plastic) for all moving parts. Aluminium action rails.

Steinway design. Spruce.


Brass. The middle pedal is for the muffler.

All wood Back construction (no MDF except in cabinet parts). Solid filler blocks in backframe (near the top). Backposts are large and staggered. Bench: Matching cushioned bench.

Brass casters.