Masterpiece 8×8

Beneath the bark of a mature tree lies the treasure of its rings, visible in the cut wood as a fascinating display of striated colour. A piano from the Masterpiece 8X8 collection celebrates this natural beauty in its expertly crafted veneer – a luxurious reflection of its own inner treasure, the rich sound quality Steinway is known for.

Showcasing eight of the world’s most precious woods – American Walnut, Eucalyptus, Figured Macore, Figured Sycamore, Macassar Ebony, Oak, Olive and Santos Rosewood – eight grand pianos and eight uprights per wood type bring the personality of each veneer to life in subtly different ways.

The number eight, as a symbol of good fortune, gives a thoughtful limitation to a collection that embodies Steinway’s continuing dedication to quality and skilled craftsmanship.

The colour of the cast-iron plate used in each Masterpiece 8X8 grand and upright piano has been optimised to complement the special wood of the veneer.

Six veneers (Eucalyptus, Figured Macore, Figured Sycamore, Oak, Olive and Santos Rosewood) are paired with a silver-coloured cast-iron plate and chrome fittings, while two (American Walnut and Macassar Ebony) harmonise beautifully with a rose-gold-coloured cast-iron plate and fittings.

The numbered plaque verifying the uniqueness of each grand and upright piano is also in perfect accordance with this colour concept.

The magic ingredient in any Steinway piano is the passion and experience of the people who crafted it.

When all of their knowledge and artistry finally come together in an unparalleled playing experience, a work of art is born. This is especially true of the Steinway Masterpiece 8X8 collection, where the beauty of the instrument is as moving as the music played on it.

This preciousness is symbolised by a pearl, lovingly set by hand into the key cover of every Masterpiece 8X8 piano. Depending on the colour of the cast-iron plate and fittings, either a grey Tahitian pearl is used or a shell-toned South Sea pearl.

All Steinway Masterpiece 8X8 grand pianos (model B) are equipped with spirio | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano technology capable of live performance capture and playback.

Seamlessly integrated into the instrument, this feature opens new dimensions to the experience of playing in the home, enabling recording and editing of performances, connectivity for sharing your music, and a playback quality that is precise and nuanced.

Included with every Masterpiece 8X8 piano is a writing instrument designed exclusively for Steinway & Sons by Hamburg-based designer Jan Zander.

Individually handcrafted by him using the original woods of the collection, their design faithfully reflects the look of the instruments – further underscoring the passion and attention to detail that enrich this collection.

The design of the clip, for example, is a subtle tribute to the screw clamp for wood-bending machines patented by Steinway in 1880 and still used today to shape the grand piano rims.