Model K-132


Black Cream White White

Crown Jewel:

Amber Wood East Indian Rosewood Indian Appletree Kewazinga Bubinga Macassar Ebony Mahogany Pommele

The colours displayed by the monitor may differ from the original.

Height: 132 CM
Width: 152.5 CM
Depth: 68 CM
Weight: 295 KG

The Model K-132 Upright piano provides a delightful musical experience for any space. Using the same high standards of design and manufacturing techniques as our grands, Steinway uprights provide the same unrivalled quality of sound and experience. Enjoy the K-132’s rich volume, balanced touch, and broad spectrum of sound.

“I love the way the Steinway responds to the most diverse types of touch, from the smooth caress to the wild stroke. The flexibility of the Steinway always lets me push my limits.”


Steinway Artist