Presenting a delightful fusion of timeless artistry and playful charm — behold the STEINWAY X DISNEY: MICKEY MOUSE LIMITED EDITION.

Meticulously crafted with passion and precision, each piano is individually hand-painted, bringing to life the enchanting realm of Disney through the artistic brilliance of acclaimed Italian artist, Elena Salmistraro. Beyond being a musical instrument, it stands as a limited-edition masterpiece, with only 25 pianos available worldwide, making it a truly exceptional and collectible creation.


Elena Salmistraro, the Artist and Designer behind the Mickey Mouse-inspired Steinway piano, shares her inspiration, saying, “In crafting this Steinway piano, I drew inspiration from Mickey Mouse’s joyful and energetic personality, infusing it into a vibrant and powerful design. For the piano keyboard, I opted for a blue gradient, as to me, the blue color best represents the tones of sounds and music. I have a deep appreciation for Disney because this brand has a unique ability to convey emotions to people — and that’s precisely what I strive to achieve in my work every day.”

Embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of music and the nostalgia of Mickey Mouse, all set against the prestigious backdrop of a New York Steinway. This collectible masterpiece orchestrates a symphony for the eyes, ears, and heart, featuring a high-polish white finish adorned with meticulously hand-painted Mickey Mouse artwork, accompanied by a matching bench.

Limited to just 25 units, this exclusive offering includes the Spirio | r technology, adding an extra layer of musical brilliance to this already extraordinary experience. Discover the harmonious blend of art and melody with this limited edition collaboration.

Each Disney Mickey Mouse-inspired instrument is outfitted with the revolutionary SPIRIO | r, recognized as the world’s premier high-resolution player piano. Capable of live performance capture, high-resolution recording, and playback, SPIRIO | r breathes life into your STEINWAY by delivering performances from the world’s greatest pianists through a continually expanding library. This groundbreaking fusion of artistry, craftsmanship, and technology in SPIRIO | r not only offers new tools of expression but also provides innovative ways to access, share, and immerse oneself in the world of piano performance.