Malvern College

A place of innovation, a seat of learning, a home away from home. Malvern College is one of the great English independent schools.

For over 150 years Malvern has been revered as a school that defines a classical English education. A rich heritage of academic excellence is woven into the fabric of our architecture, where ideas can reach new heights, to be as expansive and inspiring as the views.

Take a walk through the grounds and you can feel the vibrations of a noble past, following the footsteps of CS Lewis, Francis William Aston, Edward B Titchener, James Meade, and Professor Chris Whitty, as well as famous personalities including the actor Denholm Elliot and broadcaster Jeremy Paxman.

But above all, Malvern is a home. A safe place where potential is discovered, where ambitions are realised and promises kept. Where pupils learn to become the best they can be, supported, nurtured and encouraged to explore and transform their future. As so many have done before them.

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