Day in Life of Curtis Schwartz

High-quality album recording with the Steinway Spirio

Coming from an artist background, Curtis Schwartz realised the importance of high-quality recording and has opened his home to artists looking for album recording without compromise.

Of course, a Steinway had to be part of the equipment for the highest caliber sound recording. In the words of Curtis Schwartz himself, ‘I wish I knew why recording jazz on a Steinway is so perfect’. He answers his own question by asking jazz pianists why they insist that ONLY a Steinway model D will do.

Thanks to the Spirio recording and playback technology, recording and editing music has become a seamless effort for artists recording their music. The editing features ensure that the notes and timings are perfected, and the music is fine-tuned to the highest standard you expect from Steinway.

Watch the YouTube video here.