Crown Jewels Grand Piano from Steiway & Sons


For over 160 years, Steinway & Sons have established themselves as the go-to luxury piano manufacturing brand.

In 1999 Steinway & Sons introduced the ultimate in luxury design with the exclusive Crown Jewel range – a series of pianos produced with the Steinway expertise that use a striking range of unusual wood veneers.

We have been careful when selecting a range of exotic, pure and alluring woods, all of which comply with international sustainable regulations.

The Crown Jewel Range is certainly strikingly beautiful and has proved to be very popular. The Crown Jewel range certainly oozes prestige and personality, that is why this year, to honour the collection, Steinway & Sons have made an exclusive upgrade to the range – the pianos now have a dazzling diamond embedded into the fallboard. The diamond represents everything luxury and pure about the range – living up to the name – The Crown Jewels. A symbol of beauty and pure perfection the white diamond neatly fits the Crown Jewel ethos. To add that extra something special to the range, each piano is also fitted with a special Crown Jewels Emblem on the soundboard – to emphasises the quality of this stunning selection of instruments.

Here at Steinway & Sons, we put so much love, time and care into each and every piano that we create, that is why we have been so particular and thoughtful when choosing the materials and design for this very special range. Woods for the veneers used for the grand pianos include Macassar Ebony, East Indian Rosewood, Kewazinga Bubinga and Amber Wood, whereas Pommelé Mahogany and Indian Apple are used to refine the upright pianos. The challenge of working with extremely delicate, paper-thin veneers with their unique grains allows Steinway to, once more, demonstrate the skill of its craftspeople. Each piece of veneer is just 0.5mm thick and feels like premium paper – this delicate element of the Crown Jewel range highlights the luxury aspect – something forever important to the Steinway & Sons family.

We are so proud of our Crown Jewels Range, each piano is a reflection of Steinway & Sons and the pureness and luxurious aspects behind the brand – something we love to share with you all.

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