The Royal Albert Hall Limited Edition Unveiling Ceremony

Watch the grand reveal!

What a spectacular unveiling of the new Royal Albert Hall Limited Edition piano at their 150th anniversary celebration!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this night such a momentous occasion.

STEINWAY event at the Royal Albert Hall.

Watch the breathtaking moment the Royal Albert Hall Limited edition was released! The full ceremony is now up on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy. And if you think it’s beautiful, just wait till you see this magnificent piece in the flesh at Steinway Hall London.

STEINWAY event at the Royal Albert Hall.

The relationship between Steinway and The Royal Albert Hall has been further solidified by the exceptional and seamless collaboration, and work ethic in producing a one-of-a-kind piano. We are honored to celebrate this iconic venue and its deep-rooted history in the world of music and performance.

STEINWAY event at the Royal Albert Hall.

Special thanks to our master craftsman Ulrich Gerhart who tuned the Steinway Royal Albert Hall Piano and got the piano concert ready for the big reveal. And a special mention to everyone who worked on this project behind the scenes for a smooth and exceptional event.

Watch the full concert here.