We Warmly Welcome Three New Steinway Artists

We have added three exceptional new artists to the Steinway Family, BingBing Li, Tal Walker and Yaoying Wang.

Get to know our three new Steinway artists individually, and watch them reach new heights under the Steinway legacy. Introducing BingBing Li, Tal Walker, and Yaoying Wang.

BingBing Li – “There is no other piano that can “speak” for me, only Steinway has all the qualities, a truly wonderful companionship.”

We have already seen the splendor BingBing brings to any performance and are thrilled to have her carry the Steinway name.

Tal Walker – “A Steinway & Sons Piano transforms notes into splashes of colours and enchanting reflections of light. It is the brilliant and profound sound of a Steinway which turns music into magic”

We can’t wait to see the exceptional flair and precision you will add to your professional career playing as a Young Steinway Artist.

Yaoying Yang – “ A Steinway piano is like a soulmate for me, it always allows me to fully express myself. Through playing Steinway, I feel more connected with the great pianists in the past and the present time.”

A warm welcome to Yaoying Yang, a passionate, self-motivated artist who is ready to take the industry by storm.

We can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring, as well as the many years to come, for these talented Steinway Artists.