How to Select Your Steinway Piano: Tips

At Steinway, we believe finding your perfect piano is a deeply personal journey. Not to mention, it’s a significant investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge to help you discover the Steinway piano that best suits your needs, style and lifestyle. As such, we have created an in-depth guide full of tips on how to select your perfect Steinway piano.

What styles of piano does Steinway offer?


The image of a grand piano finished in elegant black is synonymous with the Steinway brand. Considered the gold standard the world over, it’s no surprise that 19 out of 20 concert pianists produce their art on a Steinway grand piano.

Steinway produces a variety of grand pianos, ranging from the Model S, also known as the ‘Baby Grand’, to the magnificent Model D, our largest concert grand. Each grand piano is crafted with the utmost precision by master artisans and takes close to a year to make.

Spirio and Spirio-r

Blending Steinway’s characteristic craftsmanship with revolutionary technology, Steinway’s incomparable Spirio and Spirio-r models represent the future of music. The world’s finest high-resolution player piano, the Spirio integrates state-of-the-art technology that can capture and reproduce the nuances of a live performance into select grand piano styles.

Steinway uprights

Steinway upright pianos are ideal for smaller spaces. Crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as our grand pianos, Steinway uprights are compact yet produce the same rich, warm sound we are known for. The key difference is that upright pianos are vertically strung.


Boston & Essex

Boston and Essex are two piano brands that form part of the Steinway & Sons family. Mid-priced Boston pianos are designed by experienced Steinway engineers and only crafted with the highest quality materials. Essex pianos offer a more affordable option for entry-level players; however, they don’t compromise on quality. Both offer grand and upright models.

How to select your perfect Steinway piano

Finding the right size

Steinway pianos come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the 111cm tall Essex Model EUP111E to the imposing Steinway Model D, or Concert Grand, which is 274cm long and weighs 480 kg. Thus, the right piano for you will depend on your available space’s measurements:

• Our larger grand pianos are better suited to concert halls or spacious homes where they can be the highlight of the room and permit the player to move around comfortably.

• Players looking for a compact yet striking instrument will enjoy the magic of the Steinway Baby Grand, which was designed to allow the magic of Steinway pianos to be heard in any space.

• Musicians with limited space, music students or hobbyists will find joy in a compact upright which offers the same sustaining tone as a grand at half the width.


When purchasing a piano, it’s important to pay careful attention to its tone, richness and clarity.

At Steinway, we pride ourselves on our pianos’ powerful sound quality, as this is integral to producing beautiful music. When you purchase a Steinway, Essex or Boston piano, you can be confident that you are purchasing a piano with unrivalled tonal quality, richness and clarity.


In addition to size, there are other physical features you should consider. If you are purchasing a piano for home use, it is important to choose an instrument that complements your space and personal style.

While more than 90% of all Steinway instruments are produced in classic black, your options do not stop there. If you are looking for a more distinct instrument, explore our Colour, Exotic Wood, Limited Edition and Special collections, which are bursting with expressive and compelling designs.

Matching your budget

It is no secret that purchasing a Steinway piano is a significant investment. Before you begin browsing, set a budget and seek out instruments that fit within that range.

Piano buying steps: from budget to purchase

Are you ready to begin your journey? Here are some steps to help guide you through the process.

Determine your budget

Piano prices vary greatly, depending on what model you’re coveting and whether you’re purchasing a used or new model. Therefore, it’s important to determine how much you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind that purchasing a piano can incur additional costs, including delivery fees.

Consider future costs

A piano is an investment that requires ongoing maintenance to keep it in prime condition. Factor in the cost of regular maintenance, including tuning and repairs, and cleaning accessories when reviewing your budget.

Select a model

As we’ve covered, you have endless options available to you. Upright or grand. Boston or Essex. Baby grand or Spirio-r. Consider your budget, the space you have available and the reason for your purchase, and select the model which best suits these needs.

Try out different pianos

It’s important to try out a selection of models before making a purchase, as the touch and feel of the piano will greatly impact your playing experience. Visit Steinway’s London showroom, Steinway Hall London, or a vetted retailer to explore which piano feels most comfortable to you. During your test play, consider the weight and response of the keys and the feel of the pedals.

Get ready to make magic

Once you’ve found the perfect piano for you, it’s time to make the purchase and arrange delivery. Take the time to set your piano up and get ready to enjoy making magic on your beautiful Steinway piano for years to come.


How do I choose a good piano?

Choosing a good piano comes down to selecting a well-respected and quality brand which produces pianos with a vibrant sound, elegant style and luxurious touch and feel. When you purchase a Steinway piano, you know you are investing in quality.

What is the average price for a good piano?

Piano pricing varies greatly depending on the brand, style, size and condition of the instrument if you are purchasing second-hand. Prices range from several thousand to tens of thousands of pounds. If you’re interested in a specific Steinway model, please get in touch to receive our pricing information.

How do I buy a good piano for beginners?

Steinway & Sons’ Essex brand balances affordability with quality. Their upright models are the perfect choice for beginners, offering the extraordinary tonal quality Steinway is known for in a more compact package and with a more competitive price tag.