Special Collection

A Piano as Unique as You Are

Your Steinway can be the perfect expression of you. Whether that means a few subtle embellishments or an eye-catching statement, we invite you to add your personal touch. Using a variety of techniques such as painting, inlays, customised finishes and special material applications, we can help you personalise your Steinway, making it absolutely your own. The only limit is the imagination.

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Design & Specification

The stylistic elements of the Rococo period have clearly inspired the case design of this grand piano. The stream-lined ornateness typifying the carvings lend this model a very individual charm.

The white satin finish with gilt carvings are the characteristics of this precious grand piano. The sumptuous splendour of this instrument unites in a quite unique matter the artistry of the wood-carver with the skilled workmanship of the gilder. With our Special Collection, every Steinway piano can be the perfect expression of its owner. Whether subtle embellishments or an eye-catching statement, such as paintings, inlays, customised finishes or special material applications – a Steinway can be tailor-made to the most diverse demands to become a unique and individual piece of art.