Heart of the home

In the eyes of STEINWAY & SONS, the piano serves as the centerpiece of any distinguished home. Reflecting a timeless grace, style, and aesthetic appeal, each Steinway embodies unparalleled craftsmanship and stands as a pinnacle of artistic achievement.

Offering an extensive array of styles and models, Steinway specializes in collaborating with the interior design community to align the world’s finest musical instruments with the inspirations of their clients’ dynamic homes. Steinway is capable of crafting exclusive pianos in distinctive colors or finishes to complement any design scheme, even matching a Pantone swatch. Whether it involves subtle nuances, such as the all-silver hardware of the Sterling Steinway, or more attention-grabbing statements like a Red Pops Steinway, we encourage you to design a personalized piano that perfectly complements your client’s home and style.


At STEINWAY & SONS, we understand sophisticated design and clients with discerning tastes. Let our team of specialists guide you in realizing your client’s vision, offering insights on finishes, sizes, and placement. We provide CAD drawings and augmented reality visualizations to transform your client’s dream piano into a tangible reality.